Bendigo Wineries
Plan your next winery tour of Bendigo. Find out more about Bendigo's wineries and other things you can do whilst here.
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Bendigo Wineries
Come visit Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.
Why You Should Use A Wine Rack
For wine to mature in the proper way, youíll need to have the right humidity, temperature, light condition, and movement. Whenever you are storing wine for any amount of time, youíll need to ensure that the wine is in a safe place. Even though there are a few ways that you can store wine, none are safer or smarter than using a wine rack.  More...
22-02-2011 | Central Point
Great Wine Gifts
For virtually any occasion, such as special moments and holidays, wine makes a great gift. From informal meetings to wedding celebrations and bashes, wine is a gift that is truly hard to beat. There are several different gifts you can get that relate to wine. No matter who it may be that you are giving the gift to - wine is something that is truly appreciated - a gift from the heart.  More...
22-02-2011 | Central Point
The Art Of Wine Tasting
Even though many just assume that wine tasting is sipping, swishing, and swallowing - many are amazed to find that itís actually a bit more. Wine tasting is more of an art, an art that is used to distinguish the taste of fine wines. Wine can be a tasty and refreshing drink - if the bottle was stored correctly and aged properly.  More...
22-02-2011 | Central Point
The Right Temperature For Storing Wine
Although position is important when storing wine, temperature is the most important storing factor overall. Even though you may not have the ideal conditions for storage, you should always have the optimal level of temperature.  More...
22-02-2011 | Central Point
The Beauty Of Sparkling Wine
Sparkling wine is well known for itís tiny bubbles that race to the surface. Sparkling wine is one of the most exotic yet refreshing types of wine, providing memories and happiness once the cork is released into the air. For many years, this exotic wine has proven to be among the most popular types of wine for celebrations and special achievements.  More...
22-02-2011 | Central Point
Tips For Selling Wine
In the world of wine, the Internet has drastically changed the business and landscape for a lot of industries and manufacturers. Retails and wineries alike are using the Internet to sell their unique wine to the public, reaching more people than they ever could before. For the public, the Internet provides a lot of options for buying or even selling wine.  More...
22-02-2011 | Central Point
About Wine Cellar Racks
A wine cellar rack allows any wine enthusiast to achieve a professional wine cellar in the comfort of their own home. Normally, wine cellar racks are wall mounted, although they can be stacked as well. They range in size, and can hold anywhere from 10 - 300 bottles of wine. Depending on your needs and how many bottles you have to store, youíll want to choose accordingly.  More...
22-02-2011 | Central Point
The Process Of Manufacturing Wine
Wine, which is a drink we all know and love, is produced from fruits such as grapes and berries by drying and then fermenting them. Once the fruits ferment, the sugar within the fruit will turn into alcohol. The wine will display a different color, taste, and aroma depending on the type of fruit that it was made from.  More...
22-02-2011 | Central Point
Hungary For Wine
Despite what many may tell you, Hungary holds more wine tradition than any other country in Europe. Most of this very tradition is just now surfacing in the light, with people finally starting to catch wind about everything Hungarian wine has to offer. Even though many wine drinkers arenít familiar with Hungary - there are many who are.  More...
22-02-2011 | Central Point
About French Wine
Whenever wine comes up in a conversation or thought, we often find ourselves thinking of where the wine came from. If you study the name of the wine, such as Burgundy or Champagne, youíll often find a log about the origin of the wine. Burgundy for instance, comes from France. In a similar fashion the name often reveals its origin.  More...
22-02-2011 | Central Point
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