Bendigo Wineries
Plan your next winery tour of Bendigo. Find out more about Bendigo's wineries and other things you can do whilst here.
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Bendigo Wineries
There is always a special reason to visit Bendigo and our wineries produce some of Australia's best wines. provides you with a quick look at Bendigo’s wineries.
Use this web site to find out more about our local vineyards and wineries. Plan your next Bendigo winery trip in advance. Click on wineries to find every winery around Bendigo listed along with their opening days and times included plus, a click-easy Google map.

List of Bendigo Wineries

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- you can help us provide the right information. Have we missed anything? Please let us know what type of information you would like to see added that would help you and other people access more on Bendigo's wineries.

Bendigo Winery Owners & Managers - you can help us stay up-to-date. Let us know about any changes occuring to your listing. Please consider upgrading your listing to provide more information and/or advertising on our web site to help us stay online. broadens our network.
As the newest addition to the Multi Keys network, Bendigo Wineries is a new online business directory made especially to promote Bendigo's wineries and provide our online readers with more information about wine and local wineries. Local tourist operators including Bendigo wineries have the option of expanding their information and placing business promotions on the site.

If you are a local tourist operator or related to the Bendigo wine industry and would like to advertise your business on this web site please telephone Multi Keys on 03 5444 2344 or email
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